Prepare your property

It’s fair to say that most of us will marvel at the crisp, clean lines of interior photos in magazines and on the web. The light, bright airiness draws in the eye and the feeling of space makes you want to step right into the photo and live there.


This room envy is what you need to replicate in your own home when you put it on the market. Whether your house is big or small, old or new, staging your house for buyers is crucial.


Here’s our go-to guide to get your house prepped so you’ll be a cut above the rest:


Home is where the heart is: the front of your house is the first photo potential buyers will see. So, make it really inviting. Remove cars from driveways, hide the bins, close all the windows and mow the lawn. Keep it clean!


De-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter…no one wants to see items strewn across worksurfaces. Pack everything away so they are clear. Let your buyers see the kitchen in all its glory.

Leave out key items like the kettle and coffee machine – but pack away that crock pot, toaster and admin pile. Repeat, repeat for every room in the house!


Don’t try and hide clutter under the beds either. We shoot our photos lower than the height of the smallest adult, so all your temporary under-bed storage will be busted – and will make a final appearance in your bedroom photos on RightMove and other property portals for thousands to see. That’s fine, if that’s what you really want…


And on the subject of bedrooms: dress the bed! Get out the scatter cushions and bedspread and give your bed some kudos. Make your bedrooms feel inviting. Don’t let lumpy pillows and creased duvet covers become centre stage. Here’s the thing: with bedroom photos, your eye is often drawn to the bed first and the room structure second.


You don’t see bins, hoses, electric cables and missing light bulbs on show in those aspirational homes magazines, so your house shouldn’t be any different. Hide these items from your photos – you won’t believe the quality of the end product without them.


Keep it light and make sure bulky items are well away from your windows; invest in curtain ties so we can see the light flood in and get in the window cleaners so they are sparkling like diamonds. Another top tip: get your mirrors cleaned too.


We’re a nation of pet lovers but not everyone shares our enthusiasm. Whether you have a dog or a cat, or both aplenty, clear away pet paraphernalia like bowls, beds and booty.


Finally, the old ones are the best ones. Invest in some fresh flowers to breathe energy and colour into your home and to make your photos pop.


The above isn’t a cliché. We shoot property photographs all the time and follow the progresss of house sales – the early interest and viewings flurry is often down to the best dressed houses. It’s a tried and tested theory.